Inch’ yen p’ntrum tghamardik haraberut’yunnerum

  1. Patience and understanding

The boy will always be with the girl who will not pressure her, will not always criticize her for any wrongdoing. Isn’t he working on himself, he is trying to become better and he will become. It is only a condition if the girl supports her and does not humiliate or make inappropriate observations.

  1. Freedoms

The fact that our man is in a relationship with you does not mean that he should be tied to your nieces only. Freedom and personal freedom are not just scams for him. These are the things that he is looking for in relationships. No matter how wonderful the relationships are, the man must have his own space, where he can be left alone. He must feel that he cannot compete with his personal selves, his life, and his own habits, as he did before. Relationships should not deprive him of his liberties.

  1. Intimate

Sex is important to men, and we should not worry about it. Even if a man is looking for more serious relationships, he understands that sex is one of the most important moments. Of course, a man is not just for that, it is your turn, but it is one of the reasons and you should not talk about it.

  1. Gratitude and appreciation

And lastly, a man is always grateful and appreciated. Isn’t he taking care of you, that’s all he does, isn’t he worthy of a good deal? Nowadays, this is what most men think. Every time he does something nice, he should express gratitude. And in no case will you refuse his help. It humiliates a man in his eyes first and foremost. For most men, without exception, it is important for them to feel and be desired…

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