«Yet’e yerkiry skhal karravares, bolor khelats’i mardik kherranan». Singapury aghk’at p’lataknerits’ amenazargats’ats yerkrnerits’ meky dardzrats Li K’uan Yui ts’itatnery

On August 12, 2004, a mourning was declared in Singapore. The death of Lee Kuan Yew, a man whose rule was completely transformed during his rule. When Singapore’s first prime minister assumed office, his homeland was a typical Third World representative. And before taking a break, the elderly politician passed on to his successor one of the richest and richest Asian countries.

It was thanks to the Prime Minister that what was later called the «Singapore Economic Miracle» took place.

Today, EnterTrain quotes a few quotes from this talented politician.

• If the earth is ruled incorrectly, all intelligent people will go away.

• Life is not just about food, drink, television, and cinema. The human brain has to work, to be creative. It should not depend on gadgets that make it fun.

• If you want to beat corruption, you need to be ready to send your friends and family to jail.

• I do not believe in love at first sight. I consider it a big mistake. You are attracted to physical characteristics, and then you regret it.

• We have nothing to lose from kindness. You may say ‘no’, but say it kindly and justify it. Don’t change «no» to «yes». Don’t be stupid. If there are not enough justifications for it, it should remain «no», but it should be kind.

• The person in charge of Singapore must be iron or resign. This is not a card game for you. This is your life and mine. I’ve been building it all my life, and as long as I’m in control, no one will ruin it.

• I’m not interested in changing my suit, my car and other things in line with fashion. They don’t matter. I judge myself and my friends not in their stylish clothes. Of course, I do not excuse people with sloppy, worn out clothes. But the $ 5,000 Armani suit doesn’t excite me.

• My job was to give people hope, not to demobilize them.

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